You already know Sanibel Island is a beautiful place – but there’s even more to its beauty than meets the eye. Sanibel is also full of wonderful people working behind the scenes to make it what it is. Do you have the heart of a volunteer? Sanibel Island has need for your time and talent, whether your passion is helping people, animals, or the environment. Here are five ways you can volunteer to help keep Sanibel beautiful.

CROW Clinic

Volunteer at CROW Sanibel

Photo courtesy of CROW Clinic.

CROW is an incredible wildlife organization on the island,  dedicated to first-class veterinary care of Sanibel’s native animals and migratory birds. Roughly 200 volunteers, who impressively donated over 20,000 hours of their time in 2018, support CROW. Volunteers can support in a variety of ways, including keeping the hospital clean, feeding patients, and working the gift shop. Learn more about the volunteer opportunities at CROW Clinic here.

J.N. Ding Darling Wildlife Society

Volunteer at Ding Darling Sanibel

Photo courtesy of J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.

The Ding Darling Wildlife Society is one of the primary pillars supporting Sanibel’s habitat and wildlife preservation, for which the island is so well known. Among other initiatives, the Society maintains a huge nature preserve, engages and educates the community on its native wildlife, offers student scholarships to support the study of environmental sciences, and actively seeks to acquire and preserve additional land. The Ding Darling Society has literally hundreds of volunteer opportunities, including both long and short term options. For more on specific volunteer work at the Ding Darling Wildlife Society, click here.

Sanibel Museum & Historical Village

Volunteer Sanibel Museum

Photo courtesy of the Sanibel Historical Museum & Village.

Love history? This is the perfect volunteer opportunity for you! The Sanibel Museum & Historical Village was founded in 1984 to preserve and share the rich history of Sanibel Island. The Village includes nine restored historical buildings, moved from their original positions on the island, and serves nearly 10,000 visitors annually! As a docent, there are many opportunities to both maintain the museum & village, as well as to help visitors enjoy everything it has to offer. As a volunteer, you can ”work” at the village store, greet guests, guide tours, help with fundraisers, set special displays, and more.  Click here to learn more about how you can help at the Sanibel Museum & Historical Village.

F.I.S.H. of SanCap

Volunteer Sanibel FISH

Photo courtesy of F.I.S.H of Sancap.

Despite its name, FISH is more about humans than sea creatures! Founded in 1984, the vision of FISH was and still is “neighbors helping neighbors.” The organization’s name stands for Food Programs, Island Based Workshops, Social Services, and Helping Hands. These four areas are the means by which FISH seeks to create real change for those in need with the help of donations and its volunteers. You can learn more and sign up to volunteer with F.I.S.H. of SanCap here.

The Community House

Volunteer Sanibel Community Center

Photo courtesy of Sanibel Community House.

Serving Sanibel and Captiva Islands since 1927, The Community House’s mission is “to enrich community spirit through educational, cultural, and social gatherings in [their] historic Community House.” It is a gathering space for Sanibel’s families, residents, and visitors for events funded by The Sanibel Community Association. There are MANY volunteer opportunities with this organization, which you can learn more about here.

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