Market conditions continue to benefit the Seller, resulting in “short” marketing times. For example, going back a week, of the 20 recent pending sales, the transactions were on the market for less than 63 days. Eighteen months ago, average marketing time on Sanibel was in excess of 250 days.

Are you considering a sale? What is a reasonable time period to agree to market your property? In my opinion, no longer than 90 days. In addition to the commission rate, what are the other traditional expenses? Historically in our area Sellers pay for Title Insurance and transfer fee taxes to the State of Florida. These fees amount to 1.25%. In addition, there is a small closing fee paid to the Title Company, around $250-$300. How much do I charge for a listing commission?

If I personally list and sell the property, I charge 3%. If the sale is in cooperation with another agency, the commission rate is 4.5%. Plain and simple, no catches. Call me for a confidential discussion or any real estate questions.

Ann Gee