Like most places on Florida’s gulf coast, Sanibel Island features unparalleled views of the sunset. You can see the show from almost anywhere on the island, but there are a few special places to get the very best views. Pack up your camera – and maybe a bottle of wine – and head down to one of these spots for a sunset view you’ll never forget.

View The Sanibel Sunset From The Beach

Almost any of Sanibel’s beautiful beaches will be a great spot for sunset viewing, but be mindful of the time of year. During the winter, the sun sets farther to the south, so the beaches along the southern and southeast coast of the island will offer great views of both the sunset and sunrise. For the rest of the year, you’ll want to head northwest to see the sun fall right into the Gulf of Mexico.

Blind Pass Beach: Located right where Sanibel Island meets Captiva Island, this is a prime location for sunset watching any time of year. Get there early in order to find a space in the small parking lot and use the extra time to pick up some seashells.

This photo of Blind Pass Beach is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Bowman’s Beach: This stretch of sand faces southwest, so look a little to the north in the summertime for the best views. Popular with shell seekers, Bowman’s Beach is also a great place to come an hour or so before sunset to walk the beach and search for shells to add to your collection!

This photo of Bowman’s Beach is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Lighthouse Beach: Located on the eastern tip of Sanibel Island, this spot features a picturesque lighthouse as well as great views of winter sunsets over Fort Myers Beach, just across the water. If you’re an early riser, you’ll see some lovely sunrises here too!

This photo of Sanibel Island Lighthouse is courtesy of TripAdvisor

In the winter months, head down to the south coast and you might see something special: the green flash! This optical illusion makes the sun appear to turn green for just a brief moment as it is setting. It’s more common in the winter, but you may get lucky and catch one in the summer as well, if the conditions are right.

Rent A Boat

Want to get away from land altogether and see the sun drop without any obstructions at all? Head over to Port Sanibel Marina, where you can either rent a boat and take it out yourself or book a sunset charter. You’ll be able to enjoy a peaceful evening out on the water, with the most spectacular views Sanibel has to offer. You can even spend some time fishing and shelling while you’re out there.

This photo of Port Sanibel Marina is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Waterfront Dining Under The Sun

Sanibel Island boasts a number of waterfront restaurants where you can relax with a cocktail and watch the sun go down over the water. Our favorite, however, is the Normandie Seaside Café, located at the West Wind Inn on the south coast. The inn just recently opened the restaurant to the public, and it’s a perfect place for dinner after walking the beach at sunset. Plenty of parking, beach access, and great food mean that you’re in for a terrific evening.

This photo of West Wind Inn is courtesy of TripAdvisor 

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