Simultaneously to writing this column, I am observing a lot of information regarding the downturn of our National Real Estate market. Closings are down by 20-25% in National Real Estate closings from a year ago. Monthly mortgage payments have increased 40% over the same mortgage from a year ago. Currently in our local market, we haven’t seen any major price reductions. However, we are witnessing fewer transactions. Recent price negotiations off the listing price are in the 2-3% range. In my opinion, our low inventory of listings of homes and condos for sale, combined with a demand for Sanibel real estate, has contributed to keeping our prices stable.

Considering a sale? It still is a good time for a seller to get a good price. Be careful not to overprice your property. If priced correctly, it should sell within 60 days. Call me for a confidential discussion on a selling price and a listing plan that will save you thousands of dollars. My husband John and I are very experienced and will promptly get back with you. Thank you!

Ann Gee