We continue to describe Sanibel’s Real Estate market as being strong. Listing inventories continue to be low, creating competition for listings. If you are considering selling, make sure you contact me. I can make it work for as little as a 3.5% Selling fee.

Buying? Take advantage of a free home inspection and a one-year Home Tech appliance warranty. We continue to observe new Sanibel listings priced to current market conditons sell quickly. If you are a motivated buyer, sadly, you are forced to act promptly. Feeling rushed? You do have a safeguard using the standard “As Is” contract that is commonly used on most transactions today. It allows for you to cancel the contract for “any reason” during an agreed upon time frame (normally 7-14 days).

I am commenting on this subject because when working with a prospect, I have a reluctance to bring this up for fear of being seen as a “pushy” sales person. It’s a delima. Last week our Realtor organization hosted a seminar on recently passed new rules on Federally insured flood policies…..New rules and not based on current critera. Major take away is to make sure you maintain your current flood policy. Should you sell, it brings more benefit to the Buyer. Talk to your insurance agent on the new rules.

Ann Gee