For the last several months, it’s been common to hear our real estate market described as “crazy.” Recently, I started hearing the word “uncertain,” particularly from current prospective buyers. Sellers, on the other hand, continue to list properties at higher than recent comparable sales. Inventory levels continue to be at historically low levels, with only 9 homes for sale and 16 condos on the market.

In my view, Sanibel continues to be a Seller’s Market. Net migration in Florida continues to increase at a high rate, with approximately 200,000 new residents a year. Many of our recent sales have been to buyers between 50-65 who intend to enjoy the benefits of Sanibel for several years as opposed to being an investor-buyer. The majority of these were cash buyers. I also noted that long-term owners on Sanibel want to stay in their homes as long as they have their general health.

If you are considering a sale, call me and we can discuss, on a confidential basis, the “pros” and “cons” of selling in today’s market. I can save you $15,000 on an average sale.

Call me if you would like additional details. My cell is 239-850-0979.