Considering selling in 2021?

Market conditions are very favorable for Sellers, mainly low inventory and strong demand. How can you maximize your sales price, and be mindful that overpricing your listing may result in longer marketing time and a price adjustment at a later date? Start by interviewing experienced Realtors. During the interview, address their marketing plan and obtain their recommendation for a listing price and what they believe will be the final selling price. Let’s presume all the agents “score” well in answering these questions who do you select? Do you want a weekly update or prefer a text, email or phone call? Do you want to hear from the listing agent directly, an assistant or a team member? Very importantly, of the three agents what is a good “fit” for you?

Make your decision and do the listing for 90 days. If you are priced right in today’s market, you will have a sale.

In conclusion, I would be honored to be one of the three Realtors you interview. My goal is to save you $10,000 in fees and obtain a successful sale within 90 days.

Stay safe and have a successful 2021.