In Lee County Florida, by tradition, the seller pays the title insurance on the property and chooses the closing agent (a Title Company or Attorney). We can refer you to the best title company and attorney on Sanibel. The title insurance cost is set by the state of Florida, it is called the “promulgated rate”.

So the cost of the title insurance will be identical at any title company or attorney.

Variable costs: The closing cost to organize the package, coordinate with surveyors, lien search is a variable cost. Title Companies may charge $300. An attorney may charge $500-$600. The attorney option will give you an extra level of protection if it is a complicated contract.

Here are the costs to sell.   Real Estate Commissions 6% of the purchase price is paid in total. 3% is paid to the listing brokerage and 3% is paid to the buyer’s broker. The Document stamps on the deed are .55%,  .7% transfer tax plus a small closing fee $300-$600 (see above).  So we round it up 7.3% off the selling price.  That will cover the closing costs.