For many of us, the vacant lot market on Sanibel has been one to watch. And we’ve been fielding a lot of questions lately from buyers asking if now is the right time to buy — to which we say an emphatic “Yes!” 

If you’ve been looking at a particular vacant property on Sanibel, we highly encourage you to purchase as soon as you can. Why? One of the biggest reasons is supply and demand. The fact is, there are a finite number of empty lots on Sanibel. And with each passing year, that number dwindles. Prices have also been on the rise and there are always big benefits in new construction on Sanibel.

Sanibel lot

Additionally, the summer season can be one of the best seasons to buy. Buyers can often negotiate at a favorable price this time of year, and with the island being slower, it is easier to schedule visits, as well as visit as many properties as possible!

Finally, if you are working on obtaining a mortgage, most industry experts are anticipating higher interest rates as we go into 2019 – and every penny counts when making your new investment.

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