1606 Sabal Sands Road: $525,000 to build this home (plus pool $50,000-$100,000)

6081 Henderson Road: $500,000 to build this home (plus pool $50,000-$100,000)


READY TO build?
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Benefits to Building a New Home on Sanibel Island:

  • New hurricane rated windows
  • New roof
  • New kitchen
  • New bathrooms
  • New plumbing
  • New electrical
  • A modern, current floor plan
  • Concrete block pilings
In addition to having every “new,” you will benefit from substantial annual savings between $400 and $500 per month in insurance and utility bills!

Total Costs to Build a New Home on Sanibel:

Our builder includes some allowances, flooring, cabinets, and appliances. Permit fees, hook up fees and site work are not included. Generally, you will upgrade some materials. For example, we upgraded from vinyl siding to hardie board at a cost of $14,000. The costs to consider are the costs to clear and fill the lot. A cleared lot on high ground will require less money to get ready to build. A lot needing clearing and fill can add $15,000 to the total price. As your Realtor, I will make you aware of these issues when we are looking at lots in your price range.

Start looking at Sanibel
lots & new models:


Drive by 1606 Sabal Sands and 6081 Henderson Rd. These are the two houses we built with the same basic floor plan. Our builder has smaller models from $350,000.


Summer 2021, our lot inventory is at an historic low with under 20 lots for sale. We moved to Sanibel in 1982 and are happy to share our island knowledge with you. We have bought and sold many lots.


Find a lot you like in your price range and if possible ask for a survey — if the seller has one.


Talk to our builder about the cost to build a home on that lot.


Negotiate buying the lot with a 30 day “due diligence” period. Make an appointment to talk with a City of Sanibel Planner during this period to get information on the City rules, etc. We will attend the meeting with you if you would like. Sellers generally agree to pay for Title Insurance and transfer fees to the state of Florida. You pay for a survey
— $1,000 to $2,000.


Our builder works with the City and provides the City with the paperwork to get a permit. This period can take between 3 to 6 months. The actual building of the home can take 18-24 months. Have this conversation with our builder. We recently have built two homes and will do it again.

Frequently Asked Sanibel Island Building Questions:

Does a vacant lot sales contract allow for a "due diligence" period?
Yes, you normally have a 30 day period to inspect and research a lot. You have the option to cancel within 30 days. 
How long does it take to obtain a building permit through the City of Sanibel?
Count on 4-5 months.
How much do you pay for the permit fees plus water and sewer fees?
Approximately $30,000.
Is there an expense to clear and fill the lost with additional dirt?
Depends on the nature of the lot. Normally $5,000-$20,000
How much of the lot can you cover with a house and a pool?
Depends-Sanibel has “eco zones” which allow between 15%-30% coverage of the lot. The higher the elevation of the lot-the greater the coverage.
Will I need a survey?
Yes, for the city permit. The cost is $1000-$2000.
How long does it take the builder to build the house?
Count on 14-18 months because of high demand and material shortages.
We are very familiar with the building process and collect a 2% fee from the builder and are prepared to answer all of your questions.

READY TO build?
 JOHN JR: 305.609.1087 or ANN: 239.850.0979